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Anonymous said: I'm fifteen and I've had major depressive episodes in the last few years, each lasting several weeks. I've been tentatively diagnosed with bipolar disorder (my parents think it's attention seeking and don't follow up on psych appointments). My problem is when one of my highs coincides with a bad episode, I just lose it. I don't do anything I should, I get violent against myself and others, and the last time it happened I went into the garage and pulled out my dad's gun and I came so close. Help.

hi. i’m glad you’re asking for help. here is a link to crisis hotlines if you would like to seek help from someone who has more professional knowledge than i do. i’m sorry your parents don’t believe you. are there any teen health centres around your area that you could go to without your parents? 

i’m sorry i’m not being very helpful. would talking it out help?

please let me know if there’s any way i can help you. my personal askbox is always open if you’d like to talk there.



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Good Vibes HERE


shout out to girls with harsh voices and boys with fat thighs and to people who dont like a tv show but will still watch it with a good attitude if their friend wants to watch it and shout out to people who only rarely talk to their pets in baby voices and also to people who laugh at their own jokes and people who draw angry eyebrows on billboards i love you all

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